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Corporate Diplomacy

Our legacy in the Middle East and South America spans many decades. We understand the unique context of these regions where trust is the most critical currency. Our ability to advocate at the nexus of local business, government, policy, finance and economic development is unparalleled. We execute innovative, dynamic campaigns that deliver results.

Our History in these Regions

The Quincy Group’s name honors the beginning of the U.S.-Saudi relationship. In 1945, following the Yalta conference, President Franklin Roosevelt boarded the U.S.S. Quincy and steamed south toward the Suez Canal for a secret meeting with King Abdulaziz ibn Saud, the founding king of Saudi Arabia. This famous meeting was the beginning of seven decades of unique friendship between the Kingdom and the United States.

The meeting was orchestrated and translated by Colonel Bill Eddy, who is described by historian Thomas Lippman as, “the nearest thing the United States has to Lawrence of Arabia”.  Eddy was the great-uncle of our founder, Kenneth Close, who is the fifth generation of a family that has lived and worked in the Arab world since the mid-nineteenth century.

We have expanded our business to include Brazil and Mexico where we have partners with similarly long and distinguished historical relationships.

Our deep roots in these regions bring important bonds of trust to our practice of corporate diplomacy.