About Us

The Quincy Group advises senior corporate leaders from some of the largest companies in the world on how to achieve strategic results in Saudi Arabia, Mexico  and Brazil. We help our clients navigate the complex nexus of business, government policy, and economic development in a particularly challenging parts of the world. We are laser-focused on results, which means we understand how to manage the costs and risks associated with developing business in these regions.

With over four decades of experience in policy and business, we go far beyond formulaic analysis and rehashed presentations that reflect the received wisdom of the moment.  We are not a “paper” consulting company. We help our clients create original strategies based on obtaining a direct understanding of the policy imperatives of relevant decision makers and then help execute the strategies we recommend. Client outcomes are the standard by which we seek to be judged.

Creating Strategies That Deliver Results

The markets in which we operate are truly exceptional. Most find that success requires them to engage in ways that are unique to every other market in the world. These are “high-context” cultures where the protocols and codes of communication are very sensitive to local concepts of respect, trust, and personal honor.

Given our very deep experience in these regions, we have become quite adept at crafting campaigns that inject the solutions our clients offer into the strategic dialogue with key decision makers across government and industry.

Of course, knowing the landscape as well as we do also allows us to help our clients operate with much less risk and greater efficiency. For those that don’t yet have an office, we act as their persistent presence on the ground, allowing them to greatly reduce unnecessary travel to the region while still maintaining regular contact with potential customers.  For those companies that already have a regional or local presence, we are able to act as a force multiplier, determining whether or not there will be funding in a particular sector, understanding how purchasing decisions are made and getting our clients paid on time. In all cases, divining which opportunities are real and which are not is quite challenging, but it is something that we do as a matter of course.

We will help you develop and execute a strategic transformation of your business in these markets while at the same time reducing a wide range of endemic risks.