Aerospace, Security and Defense

Saudi Arabia is in the midst of a self-driven transformation to a productivity-based economy and a self-supporting market.

With nationwide improvement initiatives National Transformation Program 2020 and Vision 2030 in place to outline specific goals for the Kingdom within the next decade, the nation is transitioning toward diversification, privatization, productivity, and economic growth in every sector. In light of these goals and potential changes in Saudi Arabia, U.S. companies doing business in Saudi Arabia may wish to expand their reach within the nation's evolving industries.

Successfully finding and negotiating new business in context of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, domestic and international politics, and a long list of government initiatives largely depends on bringing your industry expertise together with our deep understanding of the Saudi market. Together we can ensure your business dealings fit into the nation's future visions and your solutions are heard and understood by the most critical stakeholders. If you're a U.S. security or aerospace and defense technology company looking to expand your defense sales in Saudi Arabia, The Quincy Group is here to help you devise and execute an effective business development strategy.

Defense Sales, Offset Requirements and the Defense Industry

As the third-largest military spender in the world, defense and security are a crucial part of the Saudi market — and as a part of NTP 2020 and Vision 2030, the nation plans to both localize half of its defense spending and expand its defense network into an international system of supporting companies, services and industries. This expansion will back the country's national strategy and boost its economy in the coming decades of increased defense spending.

Military fighter planes flying in the sky

Saudi Arabia will be building its defense industry, boosting its connections and maximizing its profits in upcoming years. In the past, Saudi Arabia has relied almost exclusively on transactional, buyer-seller relationships to procure needed equipment and they have used offset agreements--mandated minimum requirements which create local jobs and skill development---to develop domestic capability. While transactions and offset requirements are often still a part of negotiating new business, the Saudi aerospace, security, and defense industries are increasing their efforts to develop strategic partnerships and local production.

To be an attractive partner, investor or seller to the Saudi Arabian market, your company needs to be willing to provide the most advanced, in-demand aerospace and defense solutions while strategically providing high-impact localization plans, whether through meeting offset requirements or providing alternative solutions. As the country moves away from inefficient offset requirements, companies that come to the table with localization solutions will win the business.

Why Choose The Quincy Group for Aerospace and Defense Technology Assistance?

As a growing company in the defense industry, you want to ensure that your company aligns with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 initiative, provides innovative localization plans, competitive offset obligation offers and profits from mutually-beneficial defense sales to Saudi Arabia. The Quincy Group knows how to give you these competitive edges needed to make you a meaningful partner in Saudi Arabia's national security and its aerospace and defense technology industries.

As a business development advisory group with experience advancing U.S. companies in the Saudi Arabian sphere for 50 years, we have the intimate knowledge, assets, connections and strategies your company needs to make your success in Saudi Arabia even stronger. Contact us online or at 202.461.2245 today to learn more about assistance in the defense and security industries.