Corporate Social Responsibility Programs (CSR)

As a nation in the midst of a transition to a productivity-based economy in the aftermath of the drops in oil prices, Saudi Arabia is a market¬†undergoing a significant amount of change. With¬†its¬†nationwide initiatives ‚ÄĒ National Transformation Program 2020 and Vision 2030, which dictate plans to stimulate social and economic progress through goals set for the respective years ‚ÄĒ the country¬†will advance¬†education, increase job opportunities, secure its energy, and modernize its entertainment, government and business sectors.

This period of transition represents opportunities for businesses already involved in the Kingdom to expand their efforts and grow their market share in Saudi Arabia. True success and deepened business reach in the Kingdom require businesses forge mutually-beneficial relationships with Saudi citizens. Forging those ties with the proper degree of trust and respect and demonstrating how your plans will benefit the Saudi society is very challenging, but doing so is necessary to succeed in both business and government spaces. The goal must be to provide solutions as well as create the most positive--cost-effective--impact on Saudi Arabia as possible.

If you're wondering how to develop a corporate social responsibility program when doing business in Saudi Arabia, The Quincy Group has a long and successful history of doing so and we can help you develop and execute a strategic plan for success.

How Advising Services Maximize Your Corporate Social Responsibility

When you're furthering your business presence in a foreign nation and developing a CSR program to benefit both sides, working with a business development and advisory firm with a strong knowledge of the region will give you both the competitive edge and industry backbone you need to advance.

With a strong history and knowledge of the area, The Quincy Group will give you intimate insight, expertise and connections into Saudi Arabia's market and culture and help you understand a sphere that can be difficult to navigate, even for companies who already have established some presence. We assist you by:

  • "Lending" our reputation and the trust we've built over 50 years of working with Saudi decision-makers and industry leaders. As a nation with a strong emphasis on relationships and trust, Saudi Arabia can be a difficult place to build long-term rapport, but The Quincy Group helps you surpass that challenge by creating your narrative as an industry leader
  • Helping you build an in-depth knowledge of Saudi Arabia's culture, customs and the communication you need to¬†understand and further your dealings in¬†the market.
  • Developing a personal, intimate understanding of your company and your goals for foreign business.
  • Working with you to develop a personalized strategy for your Corporate Social Responsibility program, business expansion and connections in the Kingdom.
  • Aligning your goals with those of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 plan so that you can build long-lasting business relationships with common ground.
  • Protecting you from risk factors, conflicts and pitfalls common with¬†foreign businesses in¬†the Saudi business world.

Triple Bottom Line Win

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is more than just corporate philanthropy. CSR is a true long-term investment tool and can deliver bottom-line results. The key to success is having a strategy that maps what the best returns are for your business alongside what the greatest impact is for Saudi society and national priorities.

This is a country with clear mandates and priorities and we understand what those are and who the most important stakeholders are. Your CSR can create maximum value and return on investment by engaging with exactly the right partners in the Kingdom. From sustainability to preventing chronic diseases, there is a smart partnering opportunity for your company to have a societal impact and drive growth.

How The Quincy Group Can Help With CSR

As an in-country business advisory firm with 50 years of qualified experience helping companies like yours grow their impact in Saudi Arabia, The Quincy Group has the expertise, assets, connections and access you need to see the progress and profits you aspire to in your expanded business ventures. Contact us today about Corporate Social Responsibility plans in Saudi Arabia.