Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Big data, analytics, and business are converging at a rapid rate. As machines are integrated into workflows across every industry, more data is extractable, governed, and available than at any other time in history. The ease of producing data in the digital transformation compels businesses and governments to transform their digital infrastructure to incorporate AI-driven solutions.

Unfortunately, the pace at which this data is generated exceeds the capacity of subject matter experts and current systems to analyze it. They cannot study, interpret, correlate and draw meaningful conclusions that positively impact their operations.

From Digitization to Activation

Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning address the fundamental challenges that follow the digitization of critical assets by using advanced algorithms in models that improve automatically over time. The analytics occur in real-time and have been deployed across all major industries including power generation, oil & gas, financial services, cyber security, manufacturing, utilities, and defense.

Quincy has analyzed numerous AI companies and we have partnered with SparkCognition to help them sell their solutions in Brazil and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. SparkCognition is one of the world’s leading enterprise AI companies with proven solutions that have already been deployed at scale in industries as diverse as utilities, manufacturing, oil & gas, finance, defense, aviation, and cybersecurity.


With the rapid digitization of critical infrastructure, industrial operations face extreme pressure to ensure the security of their assets and their promise of continuity of service to their customers. As primary targets for bad actors, network endpoints are vulnerable to a wide variety of rapidly changing attacks. With 50 billion connected devices across commercial, industrial, and governmental assets, specialists are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning for protection against gaps in legacy antivirus software, novel threats, and weaponized attacks. Quincy is working closely with SparkCognition to provide their industry-leading zero-day protection solution, DeepArmor®️, to clients in Brazil and the GCC.

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