Government Affairs

A Trusted Guide for a Changing Landscape

Success in this market requires adept political navigation and the ability to position oneself as a critical supplier of solutions that address the Saudi Government’s current policy imperatives.

Saudi Arabia is a country undergoing dramatic economic and social transformation. The decision making lines in the government are being completely redrawn. Today more than ever, foreign corporations need an experienced guide who understands the changing landscape and can navigate seamlessly within it. Understanding this shifting landscape is a skill we have acquired over four decades of hard-won experience working across a wide variety of industries and ministries.

Understanding this is important. Even as Saudi leadership works toward diversifying its economy, the legacy of state-owned enterprises means that the vast majority of business involves the national government directly or with but one or two degrees of separation. In practical terms, doing business in Saudi Arabia requires the ability to work effectively with senior government decision makers. Quincy has a keen sense of who the key decision makers are on any given issue, and we understand the context in which these policymakers must operate.

Persistent Presence in Riyadh

Another key element to our success in government affairs is our team here in the Kingdom. With a full-time office in Riyadh, we are able to provide our clients with a constant presence in this market - both prior to launching an office or as an extension of their existing in-country team.  A persistent presence is a critical element of success in international markets and one that is often prohibitively expensive.

Here in Riyadh, we work relentlessly to build networks of key relationships and allies for our clients, and we are able to do so effectively in no small part because we have earned the confidence and trust of leaders across the society. This results in an immeasurable advantage for our clients. In short,  we leverage our clients’ efforts by delivering your narrative to all the key decision makers and influencers throughout the policy community.  We deliver results through these dynamic and careful campaigns.