Government Relations in Brazil and Saudi Arabia

Over the last 30 years of advising businesses in international markets, Quincy has learned that any single transaction can have strategic value and consequences for the host government as well.  Whether a deal involves transfer of advanced technologies, security, economic development, health care, logistics, or infrastructure, we have been able to help our clients consistently transform transactions into strategic relationships.

In both Saudi Arabia and Brazil, there is a critical need to support the success of existing industries while simultaneously developing new industrial capability. Both countries value and actively seek out capable partners who will work with both government and industry to bring in the world’s most advanced technologies and innovative solutions.

The Quincy Group at its core is a business development, technology transfer, and government relations firm that advises senior executives from some of the largest companies in the world on how to achieve serious and lasting results in Saudi Arabia and Brazil. We help our clients navigate the complex interface between business and government policy.

As the only advisory firm of our kind with an offices in Riyadh and Rio de Janeiro, we are not a “paper” consulting company. We go far beyond formulaic white papers and rehashed presentations that parrot the received wisdom of the moment. Instead, we help our clients develop and execute strategies that merge their expertise with our deep knowledge of the market. Client outcomes are standard by which we seek to be judged.

Corporate Diplomacy

The unique nature of doing business in high-context societies such as Brazil and Saudi Arabia and our experience achieving long-term success in these markets, has often led us to describe our work as corporate diplomacy. The work of negotiation, international relations, policy advice, and building lasting relationships based on mutual trust and benefit is the core work of diplomats across the globe.

Quincy believes that the same focus and attention is required to build lasting relationships between corporations and governments that provide critical and impactful solutions to national priorities. As diplomats and leaders working in Saudi Arabia, we have dedicated our professional experience to building the types of relationships necessary to find common ground and shared priorities between partners.