Mining, Materials & Petrochemicals

Saudi Arabia is reaching for a new economy founded on productivity, industrial development and support of small and medium enterprises in addition to its thriving oil industry. With its ambitious National Transformation Program 2020 and Vision 2030 initiatives — which outline detailed plans for economic improvement — the Kingdom has laid the groundwork for business and economic stimulation.

As the nation transforms into a self-sufficient, productivity-based market and expands its international network, foreign companies already involved in Saudi Arabia may wish to expand their presence as well.

Mining, Drilling and Chemical Testing

Saudi Arabia is expanding its minerals and resources market as part of its transformative Vision 2030 initiative. This expansion is in place to develop its mining market and diversify its economy.

Mining is intended to be used both as a growth driver and as a means to subsequent production, which should contribute to significant revenue for the Kingdom. While furthering its oil and petrochemical production, the nation plans to boost growth in its economy and encourage foreign investments in its vast supply of other largely untapped resources.

quarry dump trucks in coal mining

If you're a U.S. company involved in the mining industry, you may be interested in expanding in the Kingdom. To further your business, you need an in-depth understanding of the industry and its future trajectory, a solid footing in the Saudi Arabian market and business aims that align with the nation's Vision 2030 goals for a mutually beneficial and long-lasting partnership.

Mining, Materials, and Drilling and Chemical Testing Opportunities

With an extensive supply of natural resources, Saudi Arabia has comprehensive plans to expand its mining sector at a rate of approximately 9 percent per year.

As the third pillar of the nation's visionary plan for its economic growth, mining is expected to contribute to half of the nation's economy — $26 billion — by 2020, adding as many as 25,000 jobs to the mining sector. U.S. companies aiming to deepen or improve their involvement with the mining industry should focus on areas such as drilling and chemical testing, providing mining equipment and mineral processing technology, offering engineering expertise, and other consulting and equipment investment opportunities.

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