Assistance for Private Investors

As a nation undergoing extensive socioeconomic changes, Saudi Arabia is in the midst of rapid transition and transformation from an oil-dependent market to a productivity-based economy. Through its National Transformation Program 2020 and Vision 2030 initiatives — which lay out goals for developing and improving various sectors socially and economically by their respective dates — the nation is executing plans to stimulate growth, increase productivity and improve its business, government and social sectors.

This transformative time offers opportunities for U.S. business already involved in the Saudi business world to expand their reach and make more relationships in a market in need of investors and business partners with mutually beneficial interests. If your company is considering expanding its interests with private equity in Saudi Arabia, starting on the right foot is essential in the specific, culture-sensitive tradition of this changing business world.

Part of building better trust and furthering your footing for greater business success means aligning your company's goals with those of Saudi Arabia's future plans. As a complex business world, the Saudi sphere can be challenging to navigate — even when you're already involved in the market — and that's why an experienced advisory firm like The Quincy Group can help you with endeavors like private placements in Saudi Arabia.

Why Advising Services Enhance Private Placements

When you're looking for more private investors in Saudi Arabia, working with a business development and advisory firm gives you a competitive edge when it comes to the connections, access, expertise and experience you'll need to attract more business and make an impression. With a strong reputation and 50 years of experience in navigating and building close connections in Saudi Arabia, The Quincy Group has the resources you need to succeed. We'll assist your efforts by:

  • Backing you with the trust and reputation of our well-established presence and rapport in Saudi Arabia, where it can take years and be challenging for new companies to develop their own connections.
  • Providing you with our expert, in-depth understanding of the context, communication style and complexities of the culture you're working in.
  • Working to develop a personal relationship and intimate understanding of your company and its goals for Saudi Arabian investment.
  • Developing a personalized plan for your business expansion in the region, including marketing and making meaningful connections with the industries and investors you're interested in.
  • Aligning your aims with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 goals to make you more marketable and pose a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Protecting you from common pitfalls, risk factors and conflicts in the Saudi Arabian market.

Making Connections Across the Region

We have a broad network of contacts across the Kingdom, from sovereign wealth funds to commercial banks to high net worth families. We know what types of investments engage different sectors of investors and can gauge interest relatively quickly. Real estate funds, venture capital placements, and private equity funds have all found solid investors from Saudi Arabia through Quincy.

We have staff with General Securities Series 7 registration from the Financial Issues Regulatory Administration (FINRA) to sell securities. We offer securities through our affiliated broker-dealer, Hollister Associates, LLC, Member FINRA, Member SIPC.

How The Quincy Group Can Help With Private Equity

With a deep local history, a staffed office in Riyadh and decades of experience advancing companies like yours in the Saudi Arabian sphere, The Quincy Group can provide you with the resources you need to position yourself for further success in Saudi Arabian private equity. Contact us about our private placement services today.