Business Development & Sales Growth: Negotiating Sales in Saudi Arabia

Transitioning into a new age of transformative growth in its post-oil era, Saudi Arabia is a nation and an economy on its way to tremendous revitalization and prosperity as it works to develop a market and society based on diversification, skilled labor, development, and productivity.

With extensive plans in place to stimulate growth, increase productivity, improve every sector to create more jobs, improve social conditions, diversify business ventures and expand the economy according to nationwide initiatives National Transformation Program 2020 and Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia is taking positive steps toward modernizing its economy.

Because of its unique cultural context and the way both religion and culture are closely tied to business dealings in Saudi Arabia, succeeding in your sales ventures can be difficult without a deep understanding of social norms, cultural practices and personal connections in the Saudi business world. If you're a growing company hoping to participate in the Saudi market and expand your footprint, The Quincy Group can help you understand how to do business in Saudi Arabia.

Why Sales Growth Services Are Essential to Doing Business in Saudi Arabia

When you work with The Quincy Group, you're not just jumping into a foreign market without experience — you're earning the backing, repute, expertise and access of a well-regarded business development and relations firm with close connections to the most important industry leaders and decision-makers in the nation. The Quincy Group will:

  • Help you build rapport and trust in the region by introducing critical Saudi networks to how your goals align with theirs
  • Infuse your strategy with a deep understanding of Saudi context, culture and customs
  • Develop a custom plan for framing your narratives to the correct stakeholders, marketing your goods or services and achieving the sales growth you envision
  • Align your goals with Saudi Arabia's growth goals according to Vision 2030 so that your business relationship is mutually beneficial and long-lasting

Where to Play & How to Win

From Fortune 50 corporations to fast-growing cybersecurity companies, Quincy helps deliver profitable sales. The sales cycle is long here. Patience is critical but so is a cost-effective, persistent presence. Knowing the landscape as well as we do allows us to help our clients measure what actually matters and operate with much greater efficiency.  We help compress the sales cycle with timely information, a keen understanding of how decisions are currently being made, who is making them and strategic conversations with those key decision makers.

Reaching Your Target Audience in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government customer base is a large and complex web of ministries, agencies, and state-owned enterprises permeated by many entities that are not well known or well understood. Quincy can help you evaluate the business opportunities and determine which ones that have the most potential. Even more importantly, we can help you see over the horizon to prioritize seemingly smaller opportunities that can lead to trusted long-term relationships and significant contracts.

We understand that international business development is an expensive proposition. Expanding your reach into a market requires substantial resources, both human and financial. We understand how to manage the costs and risks associated with developing business in this region.

Maintaining an In-Market Presence

For those that don’t yet have an office, we act as their persistent presence on the ground allowing them to greatly reduce unnecessary travel to the region while still maintaining a clear understanding of which potential opportunities are real.  For those companies with a highly developed in-country presence, we can leverage your investment in the Kingdom by working with your local team to identify new opportunities, validate customer requirements and budgets, or develop new strategies to push a big sale across the finish line.

Negotiating & Closing Sales in Saudi Arabia

Where business development is focused on prospecting and qualifying leads, sales is all about closing. Negotiations in this market on terms and price can be very different than in Western cultures. Getting past an MoU and finalizing a contract is a process unto itself here. That process only starts when real trust is established. We bring a bank of accumulated trust with us when advancing a client’s interests. Business and personal relationships are not as separate as in the West. In an honor-based society, that trust is won only over time.

Other cultural differences affect the sales cycle as well. What an Arab customer means and what a Western business person hears are often two very different things. Many times, a negotiation will stall without an apparent reason. We can get past these barriers on your behalf to find out what actually is happening with your project. Quincy will help you cut through rumors, misinformation, and misperceptions while facilitating direct conversations with senior policymakers.

How The Quincy Group Can Help With Your Business Development in Saudi Arabia

When your goal is to make meaningful connections, negotiate sales and expand your efforts for business development in Saudi Arabia, The Quincy Group can help ensure success. Trust our expert assets, including:

  • Extensive experience & long regional history: We've been in business in Saudi Arabia for over 50 years, working with decision-makers and developing lifelong relationships with the connections crucial to your success.
  • Strategic location: We are the only company of our kind focused strictly on U.S.-Saudi relations with staffed offices in both Washington, D.C. and on-site in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Industry reach: We maintain business connections and help companies expand in a wide variety of industries, including energy, cybersecurity, chemicals, consumer goods, financial services and so much more.
  • Seasoned strategy: Just like we know our Saudi connections deeply and personally, we work to gain an intimate understanding of your company's goals and develop a personalized plan to help you market, connect, communicate and close the deal.

From prospecting to payment, we will help grow your sales. At Quincy, we know where to play and how to win in Saudi Arabia.

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