Transportation and Infrastructure

Saudi Arabia is undergoing a transformative shift into a market driven by productivity, a growing private sector and projected socioeconomic changes. With widespread goals in place according to its growth initiatives National Transformation Program 2020 and Vision 2030, the nation is working toward economic stimulation and improvement across all government sectors.

As part of its reform and growth plans, Saudi Arabia is focused on providing better living conditions for its citizens by improving its transportation and infrastructure development. During this time, foreign companies involved in the infrastructure and transportation sectors may wish to expand their involvement in the industries and improve their business opportunities in the Kingdom.

If you're a U.S. company with Saudi Arabian connections in these industries, expanding your reach for transportation and infrastructure efforts requires a strong understanding of both the industries and the nature of the Saudi business world itself, as well as a grasp of where the industry is headed. Aligning your business objectives with the Kingdom's goals is crucial to strengthen your transportation investments and expand your opportunities in this market.

Infrastructure and Automotive Industry Opportunities

As the largest Middle Eastern auto parts and auto market and the region's biggest importer of U.S. auto products, Saudi Arabia accounts for 40 percent of the region's vehicle sales and imports roughly one million vehicles each year.

Assembly line production of new car. Automated welding of car body on production line. robotic arm on car production line is working

While the market for auto sales and manufacturers is prosperous, most vehicles and parts sold are imports. Saudi Arabia is developing plans for a self-supporting domestic auto industry which aims to create jobs, bolster the Saudi economy and improve conditions with localized auto operations. The nation intends to improve its standard of living and domestic conditions with enhanced infrastructure initiatives in its cities.

As a U.S. company interested in furthering your Saudi Arabian business connections and building your influence in these sectors, your focus should be on selling specific parts and technologies that Saudi Arabia can use to develop its own domestic automotive and infrastructure industries. Products that can contribute to this effort include:

  • Service equipment
  • Tires and tubes
  • Workshop tools
  • Auto body and transmission parts
  • Car batteries and accessories
  • Automotive chemicals
  • Emissions systems and supporting tools
  • Maintenance and diagnostic equipment
  • Building equipment and technology
  • Infrastructure strategy and development services

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