Strategic Advice

Roadmap for Results

Moving into new markets is always a challenge, especially internationally. Each region has rich history and social traditions that affect how business operates and deals get done. Moving effectively and strategically requires the kind of knowledge of the local environment that we have gained over decades. Our experience in Brazil and Saudi Arabia has earned us the trust of key industry and government leaders which allows us to achieve significant, tangible results

As governments around the world undergo transformations to serve their communities better, encourage fair business practices, combat corruption, and diversify their economies, they actively seek solution providers who are also willing to invest in producing benefits to the societies in which they operate. The Quincy Group takes this responsibility seriously and we have demonstrated that commitment over many years. This uniquely positions us to help create business opportunities for our clients.

Strategy Matters

At the Quincy Group, we advise our clients to embrace the long-term priorities of the regions in which they work. Effective relationships in these markets always focus on mutual benefit and alignment with national economic development priorities; truly strategic relationships must transcend the purely transactional. At the Quincy Group, we have a deep understanding of and experience in helping realize Saudi and Brazilian national imperatives, and as a result we are able to help our clients contextualize their brand equities for these specific markets.

In addition to creating effective strategic marketing and sales campaigns, Quincy will also work with you to mitigate a wide variety of risks. For example, your country strategy may include the need to form a joint venture or register as a wholly owned local company. At other times it is advisable to refrain from forming such entities. We understand the many benefits and pitfalls of each.

You may also have offset obligations or you may be facing other requirements for localization of production that may include significant local investment. All of these come with particular risks and solutions, which we have worked with numerous times before.

Why Context Awareness is Essential

Doing business in Saudi Arabia and Brazil is different than doing business anywhere else in the world. Establishing successful and sustainable long-term business models are derived from developing strong, personal relationships first.

We have decades of experience in these regions where we have built trust with key decision makers. Our deep resources in business, government, policy, finance, and diplomacy all combine to achieve optimal results for our clients. We execute innovative, dynamic campaigns that deliver results.

Quincy can help you make your case to the right people in the right way at the right time.