Joint Ventures & Public Private Partnerships

The Power of Partners

The Quincy Group has been instrumental in putting together a number of successful Public-Private Partnerships and joint ventures for clients over the last 20 years, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

Selecting the right partnership structure is a critical task as it will form an integral part of your business for many years to come.  In a market where even basic economic information has been quite opaque until relatively recently, obtaining good information on potential partners can be a real challenge.

Knowledge of the Local Market

Having been involved in this market for as long as we have, we can add significantly to your understanding of the candidates under consideration. Our knowledge of the local market and our ability to garner information goes far beyond the anodyne background checks and company profiles that make up a standard due diligence file.  We help you obtain real ground truth on the individuals, companies and government entities with whom you are considering partnering.

Aligning Business Priorities with Vision 2030

We also help our clients align their business priorities with the government’s Vision 2030 national economic strategy. Vision 2030 and its implementation through the National Transformation Program (NTP) have very specific objectives, ministry by ministry. These objectives are shared by all of the State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) who are also mandated to implement them.

The most critical of these objectives are focused on job creation and knowledge transfer.  We have worked quite closely with a number of the most important State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s) and helped our clients create lasting and successful joint ventures with them. Whether it is a partnership focused on co-production or a service company for repair and maintenance, joint ventures with government companies can be an extremely effective way to grow one’s business in the Kingdom.

The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) is the body responsible for granting licenses to foreign investors. While we are not a law firm, we work with your local council to navigate the process of registering the new joint venture entity, usually a limited liability company (LLC).

We are completely familiar with this process and can advise you on many of the more common and some more subtle pitfalls as well as the great advantages involved with forming joint ventures in Saudi Arabia.